Quick Dry Adhesive

QDA (Quick Dry Adhesive) is non-chlorinated, high tack, fast drying multipurpose adhesive. It is suitable for industrial applications to bond a variety of substrates including high pressure laminates, fabrics, upholstery, foam, fibreboard, particle board, plywood and many others. The bulk aerosol system reduces application cost by saving time and materials.

Product Usage

Make sure that surfaces are dry and free from dirt, grease, oils and any other contamination. QDA (Quick Dry Adhesive) is designed to be applied either on the two surfaces to be joined or as a one side application. Spray an even coat of adhesive to cover 80% to 100% of the surfaces. Do not wet the surface. The adhesive will have an immediate tack. For porous surfaces, it is recommended to apply a second coat of the adhesive. Place the surfaces to be joined together and apply a uniform pressure for strongest bond. Full adhesive strength will be achieved in 24 hours/ please note that the adhesives and substrates should be at 60% F or higher for best results.


  • Very fast drying
  • High tack, long lasting tack
  • Water resistant
  • Strong bond that can withstand heat and humidity
  • Non-chlorinated
  • No ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances)

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