High Temperature


Sindanyo has been developed to provide outstanding service in demanding thermal and electrical applications. These grades are now Asbestos-free and are based on a mixture of cement and fibres.

L21/L23 Are based on Ordinary Portland Cement and selected fibres, for low to medium duty applications.

H51 A blend of Ordinary Portland Cement, density modifiers and selected fibres for higher temperature applications.

H61 A blend of alumina cement and carefully chosen fibres offering higher temperature performance.

H91 A superior quality autoclaved board with the highest temperature performance.

All grades can be either Sodium Silicate dipped to minimise water absorption or Silicone Resin Impregnated for primary electrical insulation.


  • Glass industry (Rollers, Pusher Blocks, Door Insulation, Fingers etc)
  • Furnace industry (for both heat and electrical insulation)
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Forging of Ferrous and non-Ferrous metals
  • Press Tools

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