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Insulation Boards for High Temperature Applications

The Monalite ranges of products are heat-treated, calcium silicate boards. Components are machined for the movement, distribution, flow control and casting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys. Monalite is also used as a principal insulating medium in a range of oven and furnace constructions. The exceptional strength and durability of Monalite ensures that components are highly resistant to breakage during casting and subsequent cleaning. It has excellent wear resistance to metal flow, prolonging the service life of the components - minimising costly replacement procedures.

The Monalite range is mainly used in Aluminium smelters because of its excellent strength and low shrinkage properties. To meet the individual requirements of industries using high temperature manufacturing processes, Monalite is produced in three grades.

Monalite M1

Standard product for contact with molten metal up to 850C.

Monalite M1A

Improved product with higher strength and lower shrinkage.

Monalite G34

Improved carbon fibre reinforced product.


  • Non-Ferrous Metals -
    Components for containment, transmission, distribution and flow control in casting processes.
  • Furnace Industry -
    Hot face linings in holding, dosing and homogenising furnaces.
  • Chemical and Process Industry -
    Collars, gaskets and pipe support rings.

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