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Dalfratex is a range of inorganic fibres and textiles. The materials are capable of operating continuously at 1000șC and at up to 1600șC for limited periods. They will not melt or vaporise until temperature exceeds 1700șC, and have a high resistance to thermal shock.

Dalfratex products consist of strands of amorphous silica available in many forms including Bulk Fibre, Batt, Cloths, Tapes, Cordages, Yarns, Sleevings, Ropes and Mattresses.

Developed to satisfy the most challenging requirements, Dalfratex has a high degree of chemical stability at both high and low temperatures under the action of acids, with the exception of hydrofluoric and phosphoric.

Dalfratex products are mostly available in a heat-treated condition to ensure minimal shrinkage during use.

Selective Dalfratex items are also available as general-purpose textiles for use where some shrinkage is tolerated. Other products are given organic surface coatings that improve handling quality and abrasion resistance.

A Phenolic resin can also be impregnated into Dalfratex products that form ablative insulation components.


  • Glass Manufacture
  • Nuclear Industry
  • Fire Protection
  • Metallurgical/Steel Production
  • Aerospace (gas turbine and rocket engines)
  • Ship Building
  • Offshore
  • Electrical Heating
  • Pipeline and Vessel Fabrication
  • Gas Production
  • Electricity Generation

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