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Non Asbestos Millboard

The raw materials used for the production of Non Asbestos Millboard are special ceramic and mineral fibres. In combination with fillers and binders high temperature resistance results, and owing to low heat conductivity the insulation properties are very good.

We stock a wide range of millboard from working temperature of 750șC to 1200șC. We can also supply ceramic fibre free Millboard at various working temperatures. We offer a cut to size facility, gaskets/discs etc...

The organic binders burn out between the temperature range of 300 to 400șC and the Millboard sheets will discolour during this process.


The very high temperature tolerance and the low heat conductivity values determine application ranges for isoPLAN as insulation material. The following list shows typical examples for the wide range of applications:

  • Steel Industry
  • Melting departments and foundries
  • Industrial furnace and boiler construction
  • Oil and gas burners
  • Backing for gas fires
  • Cookers
  • Hearth flaps, fire resisting doors
  • Hot air insulations
  • Furnace and drying equipment
  • Engineering and equipment construction
  • Electrical equipment
  • Glass industry

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