Fire Protection


The Reliable Fire Protection System for Structural Steelwork

Vermiculux is a lightweight non-combustible board specially designed to provide fire protection to structural steelwork. Up to 240 minutes fire resistance can be achieved depending on the thickness of material used and the dimensions of the beam or column being protected.

It is easy to work using normal woodworking tools and is supplied using two rebated edges to allow cross joints to be made without the need for cross noggings, cover strips or adhesives. Fixed by edge screwing boards together, Vermiculux is fast and economic to install.

Vermiculux can also be used to construct fire-resisting ducts.

Vermiculux is off-white in colour with a sanded finish on both faces. It can be left undecorated or can be easily painted. It is resistant to moisture, although untreated surfaces will absorb water and saturation will cause loss of strength, which is fully recovered on drying.

It can be installed at any time during the building programme, even before external walls have been completed and the building closed in.

Vermiculux is supplied in the sizes shown in the table below. The large range of Thicknesses available allows selection of the most economic board to meet given periods of fire resistance.

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